For peace of mind

Chartered Surveyors

The purchase of your own home is generally regarded as the biggest financial outlay you will ever make, therefore money well spent on a survey can avoid the need to spend thousands of pounds on repairs or replacements, which may be the case if you proceed without one.

With over 20 years' experience, our recommended Chartered Surveyors have the expertise and reputation for providing a valuable and comprehensive service, providing a homebuyer survey and valuation, building surveys, specialist valuation services and after-care for all clients.

Useful for negotiating.

Your survey will also be a useful negotiating tool and help to justify the price you pay for your new home. If no significant repairs or expenses are required then at least you will have peace of mind.

Don't rely solely on a valuation.

When buying a home you should never rely solely on a mortgage valuation. The lenders themselves state within their terms and conditions that you should not do this. Take your time to consider the benefits of each type of survey and which type would best suit your needs.

Always remember, we are here to help, whether that is in assessing which survey to have, or in clarifying any issues once the survey has been sent to you. If you are moving home give us a call for advice on what the best type of survey is to suit your individual needs.

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